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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Do you remember reading the horror books called Goosebumps as a kid? The best ones were the books where you were able to choose your own adventure. I would read the first chapter, pick the next section to read, realized I had made a bad choice and go back to chapter one. It was kind of like an endless cycle. It didn't really matter what adventure I chose, I always seemed to read the entire book and convince myself I had had the best adventure after going though all the other options.

Heres your shot to pick you own adventure. I'll give you a real life scenario. You pick the rest.

(1) You awake one morning with subtle but unusual knee pain. It bugs you a bit but not enough to ruin your day. Do you?

a- Tell yourself something is off. Focus on making it better.
b- Drink 9 litres of coffee, feel like superman, go do exercise.

If you chose A go to paragraph 2, if you chose B go to paragraph 3

(2) YOU ARE A GENIUS. You probably have a degree, an attractive spouse, a nice house and have made all the the correct life choices. I would let you do my taxes. Proceed to paragraph 4

(3) I like your style superman. Nothing a little caffeine and ibuprofen cant fix. Go do repetitive exercise for several hours and don't stretch when you get home. Stretching is for hippies that drive a Prius and do yoga. Go to paragraph 5.

(4) Your adventure stops here. Your life is perfect. Go have a baby aspirin and watch your stocks go up. You have nothing to worry about

(5) You wake up the next day and now your knee hurts. Like on a scale of 1 to "charlie bit my finger", its about a 6. Do you:

a- Decide to watch Prison Break for the entire day while elevating your leg and icing it
b- Attack every hill on your bike with as much hatred as Alberto Contador has for spanish steak

If you picked A got to 6, B go to 7.

(6) SPOILER ALERT. They get out of prison. I think. Smart choice though. Your leg feels better the next day and on your very next ride and you find a million dollars. Bravo

(7) Oh boy. Contador really hates spanish steak. Your leg now feels like king kong is practicing sumo squats on your knee cap. You are bed ridden for 10 days and must listen to Bruno Mars on repeat. 

Moral of the story: Its ok to take time off. And don't eat spanish steak. 

We went to San Francisco. It was cool:

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