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Monday, March 17, 2014

I'll Have a McChicken With a Side of Insulin Please

I've now spent just over 2 months taking in all the beauty the state of California has to offer. Amazing state parks with complex and adventurous trail systems, coastlines with amazing beaches and roads that can be ridden without ever seeing cars. Which stellar American characteristic has impressed me the most you ask? The fact that I can walk down the street with 3 dollars, pop by the gas station and get a gallon of beer and continue over to Mickey D's and purchase 2000 calories with my leftover change. I was going to go to the health food store and get an apple but why would I? For the same price I can get drunker then the homeless man on the corner and feel more full them Rob Ford at a Jamaican restaurant .

I received this in the mail this week:

And I thought to myself: WOW, this is a really good deal. Went for a ride and then I saw this

For those of you wondering, this is what you find in 20 nuggets. 

I like to think that I eat relatively well but I also indulge in my share of unhealthy treat food. I make an effort to make my own food and buy fresh ingredients. Hypothetically speaking, if I was on a tight budget and a working family man trying to feed my kids (like 75% of american families) and I came home from a long day in the office, what sounds more appealing? Buying a crap ton of veggies that I need to prepare and cook myself or sending Jimmy to the golden arches with 10 bucks and not having to cook OR do dishes. 

No wonder Canadian and American kids are getting fat! Why would any family put effort into eating well when eating food that clogs every artery is a fraction of the price. Want to cut the national health bill in half? Make asparagus and pineapples cheaper then a Big Mac meal or better yet, charge 50 bucks for 10 nuggets. 

That being said, I've eaten ample portions of greased goodies since I've arrived but if obesity levels are going to change I think we have to start taking a look at the availability and price of artery clogging food.


Big time racing starts in t minus 5 days. Race reports and pictures to come but here are a few snaps of what I've been up to lately. 

I shook a Whiskas food pouch at him but he didn't move 

Hakuna Matata

Read about the team! Pick up Pedal mag

These things don't have brains but they can kill you. Fact

This thing does have a brain. It comes out the side of his head

Pebble beach winners. Happy Gilmore wasn't on the list. I checked 


The cat won't fall asleep even with the night-burglar head band. Damn

Its ok to eat the whole bag right?

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