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Monday, January 20, 2014

Yo Gurl, you on Tinder?

Story Time: Take a look at this picture. Young couple on a date, both on their phones.

These 2 young love birds were on a date. Enjoying a nice frozen late afternoon mocha-ccino, low fat, extra ice, with a side sprinkle of ferry dust. They both seemed to be enjoying each others company and there may of have been some sparks flying in the air. 

Side Note: At this point of the story I would like to point out that I was probably the weirdest guy in the joint going into full creep mode watching this date unfold.

Things seemed to be going well for the couple until #hashtag paranoia set in. My guesses are the conversation got boring, weird eye contact happened and they both reached for their phone to ease the tension and started texting, tweeting and instagraming.

Actual conversation*

*not actual

Girl- (texting best friend): I think I like him, he has a cool tricep tattoo
Guy-(texting best friend): I'm up all night to get lucky
Girl-(now on twitter): My frozen drink is too cold #toocold #cheatday #ideserveit
Guy-(now on twitter): Is Seattle winning the football game? #onadate #gettinglucky
Girl- (instagram): Goes to bathroom to take a selfie. Chest out, hand on the hip. You know the type
Guy- (instagram): Takes a picture of the girls backside as she walks away. #booya

When did it become socially acceptable to check your phone during social encounters? I admit that sometimes I am guilty of this but it seems that people have become completely unfazed when someone you are having a conversation with is also checking to see if there are hot singles in the area. I'm considering throwing my phone away and becoming a full time pilgrim. I would get to wear cool hats and long socks....

Biking is cool. Picture update:

On the road

Still snowing

Less snow


Another sunset

Mountains Trees and Snow

Team Turbo Training

 Extra Hip coffee

California Sunshine

Is this real life?

You tweetin' bro?

Minor draft behind Adam

 Man date backdrop

Blinded by the whiteness

Everyone else was wearing down jackets

Almost as good as studying for finals


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