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Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year, New House, Same Old Bike Stories

There aren't many better feelings then the one of filling out the last of many multiple choice questions on an exam in a gymnasium full of stressed undergrads. Did I answer it correctly? Probably not. I started dreaming about winding roads along the California coast on question 32 and it seemed to have gone down hill from there. The 12 weeks of school this year absolutely FLEW by. It seemed not that long ago I was cursing at my handle bars and chasing the wheel in front of me. That being said though, I am incredibly excited to start morphing into a full time athlete. Study nights have turned into stretch and roll nights accompanied by illegal amounts of netflix watching. The kitchen is now more of a permanent hang out spot and the 3 feet of snow that covered the roads back home have been replaced with fresh pavements and huge Redwoods.

This years training has taken me to Santa Cruz. Our post new years road trip included a stop in Vancouver and a Hipster-esc stop in Portland. Im pretty sure that just by stopping in Portland, your hipster cred goes through the roof. We stopped for coffee that shared the retail area with a bamboo store! Hipster point +10. That, and a stop at a tear jerking vietnamese restaurant made our stay in Portland one to remember. (tear jerking because it was spicy. Not because I got emotional. Obviously)

The trip continued down the coast to Santa Cruz where we have settled in to our home base for the next 3 months. The roads to explore are numerous and the UV index has quintupled since Calgary. It doesn't take much change of scenery to get the motivation levels back up.

Seeing as this year will be filled with numerous long road trips. I thought I would share my knowledge and experience in this field. I have compiled a list of tips and tricks that can help anyone survive a 12 hour car journey.

1. THE BOARDER CROSSING SECURITY GUY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Don't ask him what his favourite colour is of if he likes sundaes. Those questions result in cavity searches.

2. If you start getting tired, listen to 2 Chainz. His deep and complex lyrics will help you remain alert.

3. Pinto Beans should be banned from your diet 2 weeks pre road trip

4. Gas station sandwiches can survive a nuclear explosion. DON'T EAT THEM

5. Trying to break the "holding your pee for the longest possible time" is just a cheaper form of yoga.

6. Eat Sushi in Vancouver and Burritos in California

7. Take 4-5 hours trying to figure out the meaning of life. My main conclusion from our last drive is that if Rob Ford can still be mayor, I can become a professional cyclist.

8. Dont cheat while playing 21 questions. No one ever wins

9. Tell people you are from Canada. They like that.

10. Hide junk food out of arms reach. This way you must become a contortionist to access the Doritos you stashed in the back seat.

I hope these tips help!

I'll be throwing up some updates on the blog as the season rolls on. Visit back to hear stories about bikes, road that I ride my bike on, people I like to ride bikes with, food I eat to keep biking and the Olympics (diversify...)

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