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I am a 24 year old student athlete racing for the UCI Continental H and R Block Pro Cycling Team. I am also working on attaining my degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Thighs Are Shrinking but My Brain Is Growing

I haven't kept up in the writing department lately because, well, I'm at school. Nothing REALLY happens at schools. Unless you think the following is interesting: procrastinating, learning, developing into a mature adult, losing hair (and sleep), wishing I was riding a bike, enjoying group work (sarcastic), upping my coffee consumption by 200%, losing fitness, due dates... etc. 

Although I would like to share with you a fun moment I had in class last week. 

Picture an auditorium filled with 300 young adults waiting to fill their brains with knowledge that will better them as human beings. I walk over to an empty spot in the corner,  ( This isn't a kinesiology class. I feel like I have landed on a new continent with new species) and start to take out my notes. The 2 girls behind me are having a great time discussing new hair styles, pop culture, pen colour, mascara application, purse content, dogs of instagram and other x rated topics. The teacher starts with his lecture which is usually the cue for everyone to start taking notes but not for these girls. NO WAY JOSE. There are way too many things to talk about then to listen to this balding man in his 60's talk about economic patterns of the modern era. 

"Like, seriously Becky, if John doesn't get why I'm upset with him then I'm done. Like my texts only had one or two words in them, I was PISSED"

" But Suzy, he's sooooooo cute, you guys look so happy on instagram all the time" 

" Ya you are so right, like last night we.._______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________" 

* fill in the blanks, use your imagination

At this point of class, I had a heavy decision to make. Should I be that weird old kid that has no friends to tell these two girls to shut it or should I withstand another 45 minutes listening to Becky proclaim her love for her life long partner?

I turn around. "Excuse me girls, can you please be quiet, I can't hear the teacher when you guys are talking"

Becky: OMG, can you believe this guy! he's SOOOOOOO rude. 

Becky and Suzy leave. I keep taking notes and class ends. 

I have become the old person in class that tells people to shut up so I can take notes. The day has come ladies and gentlemen. I might be slightly maturing. 

Dont count on it though, I still laugh when people fart. 

My life is better than Mean Girls. 


  1. Way to go buddy. I didn't get to do that til I was almost 30. Kids these days...

  2. Welcome to my life, this still happens in a Masters degree....