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Monday, August 26, 2013

Walk it off

There are 2 things cyclists are famous for being horrible at. The first is walking/running and the second is carrying things ( be it grocery bags, backpacks, anything...). This is why off season hiking seams like such a a good idea. You wake up one morning after doing months of non weight bearing exercise and think to yourself "man, I think i should totally fill this pack with REALLY heavy objects, eat half of what i usually do, and walk long distances where there is no finish line". Sure, sure... there are nice views and what not but the full body muscle spasm i seamed to be getting every eighth step was detrimental to the whole " nice view" thing.

I have narrowed down a list of things in life that make me extremely happy. Firstly, being in bed before the sun goes down fills me with such joy that its hard to explain. It's like, ummm, what i expect Jay Z feels like every morning waking up to Beyonce. I enjoy a great coffee and a good magazine (ideally at the same time). Home cooked food, movies and napping. I took a step back here and realized that i would be the worlds happiest man if I moved into a retirement home. AND i could work on puzzles, i love puzzles. Although there is something special about getting here after a day of hiking to enjoy dehydrated food, tea and uncle ben's rice:

and someone to share it with.... 

Hold off on the retirement home, this whole "being active" thing isn't too bad.

Someone told me school starts soon, made me feel like this:

Bikes over class rooms any day. Or dance floors, get your groove on HERE 

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