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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Winding Down

Its Sunday morning (scratch that, sunday afternoon) and so far today I have made it to the shower and my closet to put on underwear. Theres a half eaten Delissio pizza on the kitchen counter and dried up mint leaves from an attempt at making mojitos. The bike season has come to an end and the athlete throttle has been pulled back... for now. Its amazing how the human body reacts to very foreign substances.

I've had a chance to look back at the season and come up with a little highlight real...

Winter kicked off in cow town so naturally I retreaded south to my new winter home in San Diego. Two months went by and this is what happened: it was sunny so I rode a ton, ate a lot of cheap mexican food, I became fitter, a racoon knocked me off my bike. 

I went to team camp and on several occasions my team mates made me feel like this: 

I raced in the states, then I raced in BC, then I raced in Alberta. Bikes, bikes bikes....

I attended most bike races feeling like this:

And most of the time I left feeling like this:

I have spent more time with my teammates then my family this year. I guess this makes them like my second family... A family of dudes that enjoy wearing tight shorts and experiencing body numbing pains while riding a bike. A family that eats more food than a small army. A family that knows WAY to much about each other. A family that seems to manage to overcome all sorts of life ending drama and weird social occasions.

I finish up the season with a sense of pride and joy. Sometimes things don't go the way you want them to but you just have to roll with the punches. It all comes out in the wash in the end.

Heres to the next chapter, to being that weird 6th year undergrad student still working away at his degree. Maybe I'll get a cat, some sweaters and drink tea on campus. Actually if I went to U of Vic, I'd probably fit right in. 

I'm going through a new music phase. Check this one out, it got me all excited HERE

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