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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 essential life lessons

1. Say "I love you" at least once a day

Doesn't matter to whom or what. Had a great bowl of honey nut cherios? Whisper "i love you" to the milk as you pour yourself another bowl. 

Serious note: everyone should love their PARENTS. Tell your mom you love her. It will make her smile. 

2. If you eat something you like, have more. 

Life is too short to eat poopy calories. When the waiter asks " sir, would you like another piece of pie" you should answer "bring me 6 more, a wheel chair and spandex pants". Im not leaving until i'm in a food coma. 

3. Real massages hurt. 

I often hear " oh my god, daily massages would be so good". Correct. But only if you are sipping mojitos on the beach while a Thai Goddess tickles your feet with a banana leaf. During yesterdays massage, my pain cave was so deep i thought to myself:

4. Be in love. Its awesome. 

5. No matter how much stretching you do, don't assume you can do this:

Trust me i tried. 

6. Winning a bike race is hard. So when you do win one, celebrate in style. 

7. Listen to the sloth. 

8. Enjoy sleeping. 

I read a poster once that said "nobody remembers the nights spent sleeping"and i thought to myself "i do! i have a list of my best sleeps ever, its in my diary"

Never feel bad about having a 15 hour sleep. Nothing beats a comfy bed and sweet dreams.

9. Dont stress over money, be like Micheal Scott. 

10. Life is short. Have fun. 

It doesn't really matter what you do as long as you enjoy it. 

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