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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bikes with no Brakes

My time last week was spent experiencing some serious G's in L.A's Home Depot Centre Velodrome. The best way i can think to describe riding a 250m wooden track is as followed:
You know as a kid when you watched hamsters run in they're exercise wheel and you were like " what an idiot, why does he keep going?" Well, jokes on you folks, riding the hamster wheel is actually a lot funner than it looks.  Theres always room for improvement and just like our friend the hamster, the faster you go, the more you get to eat.

Because showing you a video of me going in circles is probably worse than sitting through 3 hours of calculus night class, may i suggest you watch this instead?

I pretty much did the same thing, minus the inspirational slow mo bits and that whole going really fast thing. 
All jokes aside, i had a blast meeting new people and experiencing a new side of the sport. I think my room for improvement is great and will entice me to come back for more. 

Other highlights of the week include a visit to the San Diego Zoo where i came to the realization that i should focus all future efforts into trying to morph into an overweight hippo. Think about it, your biggest concern of the day is when your next meal is coming and making weird noises with your body ( I'm halfway into the morphing process... i have those qualities locked down)

AND, if breaking news occurs this week and scientist have discovered that the volume of water in the ocean is decreasing, don't worry, I swallowed about fifteen thousand litres of salt water during my attempt to surf. Sorry

My San Diego training trip is coming to an end and home is calling my name. A couple weeks of rest and recovery before the real starts begin. Stay tuned for more updates. 

In the mean time, might i suggest these two songs to add to the itunes bank? Here and Here 

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