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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Just do it

There are many things that confuse me in this big wide world, but out of all the complexities out there, I can't for the life of me figure out why after eating what seems to be enough food to feed a small African country, my body is craving for more. It seems as though i spend many hours of the day searching, prepping and eating food. If i would have been born five thousand years ago, i would have been a hunter AND and gatherer... and probably would have eaten everything before returning to my village.

Here are ten signs that i am morphing into an athlete:

1- My already hobbit like body is slimming down to the point that if i turn sideways, I disappear.
2- I have eaten more Mexican burritos than a fully grown Mexican man consumes in his entire life.
3- I can now give you the bulk bin numbers of all dried fruits for the Whole Foods grocery store.
4- When observing the nutrition tab on most foods, i have to quintuple the recommended daily intakes because 2000 calories is what i have for breakfast.
5- I sprinted at 1500 watts to catch an ice cream truck that had chocolate swirls
6- I eat a loaf of french bread before dinner so that i don't pass out while i'm cooking
7- Most evening turn into this:

8- I can't fit my pants over my quads but i need a belt to do them up at the waist.
9- I think its an accomplishment if i can nap for more than 2 hours then proceed to have a 12 hour sleep.
10- *Best of all* Im excited to fall asleep because i know that when i wake up, i can try to beat the world record of coffee consumption in one sitting ( i try my best every day)

Off to LA to ride in circles for the week.

Some GoPro shots of San Diego:

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