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Friday, February 1, 2013

Tiger Woods, Nelson Vails and Miley Cyrus

Im going to start this post by saying that i feel horrible for any PGA golfer that is not Tiger Woods or Phil Michelson. After watching Tiger destroy the field at the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines las weekend, i now know why he is one of the most followed athletes in the world. Anyone that can make this shot should have 2000 people following him from hole to hole (look at where his feet are pointing).

Out of the 27 pairings we got to watch, Tiger is by far the most followed player on the course. With an entourage of cameraman, photographers and commentators, he struts around the course with mad swag making shots i could only dream of. Also, getting paid about 1.2 million for taking wacks at a ball with a stick for 4 straight days sounds like a pretty good job to me. Im in the wrong sport...

In other news, i think i have added 2 new rides to my top ten list of "best rides ever". There is a 4000 foot climb that shoots out on the outskirts of san diego called Palomar that has 21 switchbacks. They used the climb during the 2009 tour of California. Mega views from the top: note the switchbacks in the background

We also crushed an 80 km loop yesterday afternoon. Fresh pavement, minimal cars and redonculous views. 

Went for a crush fest of a group ride on wednesday with a couple big names including Ken Hanson on wednesday morning. Met some pretty cool people including this guy.... such a boss. 

Body is healing up nicely. Getting ready to race on the weekend. 
For those of you needing a little more dub in your life, check this song out. Its been stuck in my head for days. 

First race update coming soon. Keepin' it fresh.

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