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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Last Day of School

Yesterday I tossed on my nicest button up shirt. I sharpened all 3 of my pencils, placed a PB and J sandwich in my bag and marched off to school with the largest grin on my face. Why was I so happy you ask? No, it wasn't because I was about to embark on a 3 hour trainer ride indoors. It was because yesterday marked my very last, first day of the semester. I walked through the hallways doing this:

Oh young Bailey.... how you should have known going to school was not simply going to take 4 years.  How was I suppose to know that the next 7 years of my life would be filled with 2 wheeled adventure and a butt load of spandex? How could I have predicted that I would meet my BFF's 4 life while chasing an illusive goal. If someone would have told me by the time I finished my degree I would also receive my first contract as a pro cyclist, I probably would have told them to lay off the special medicine.

My first class of the day was filled with young and excited students. All eager to jot down every single thing the teacher said. How did this make me feel? OLD. Really old. Oh to be young and take great notes. I remember those days....

I believe that I've learned many life lessons through my experience at University. Funny enough, it's not things I've read from a textbook. Heres a highlight reel.

Take 3 minutes at the start of every semester to figure out who you are going to sit beside. This could be the difference between a B and a B+.

Always bring extra gum to class. Those people that are going to help you always love a free piece of gum.

Always take time to exercise during the day. You'll feel better.

Always say yes to free food. Don't believe in the green peace club? You might be able to change your mind after 7 pieces of pizza.

BE NICE TO EVERYONE. No one likes a dink.

Don't ask too many questions in class. No body wants to be "that guy"

Ask yourself. "is this worth getting mad over?" the answer is usually:

I'm very excited to start the next chapter but the experiences I've had while riding my bike and finishing my degree is something I would't trade for the world. I just have to make it through 3 more classes.... 

Hang in there young pups. You have so much ahead of you. 

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