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Monday, April 15, 2013

Picture Blog

Its been a while since the last post so instead of boring you to death with stories about me riding a bicycle on roads with other people who share my love for spandex, i'll throw some pictures up and try to give you a Coles notes version of what I've been up to.

After having a nice block of rest in Calgary, i leave the snow to return to the promise land!

My two favourite people

Spent 30 hours in this exact spot on route to California

Last week i was riding in snow...

My race was not the best so instead ill show you a pic of cute dogs

Third years the charm eh? First full camp with the trek squad. Sick kits eh?

I wear all of my chains even when i'm in the house

A cyclist with biceps??? 

My dream house... just need to make my first million

Reigning Trek Red Truck Ping Pong Champion passes on the torch

nuf said

I tried to follow Adam up a hill. Anyone know CPR?

230$ in burritos

Best Friends Forever 

Drove all the way home for some much needed R and R

R and R included good ol' Gordon on Vinyl 

Did one of those bike races in the rain/mud

Finished on the podium.

So that about sums up the last 3 weeks. The next adventure begins next week with a trip to Walla Walla Washington and a road trip through the US and A towards New Mexico. Bikes bikes bikes....

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