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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Team camp 2012

I am currently sitting in the San Francisco airport waiting to embark on my 11 hour flight to brussels. I have spent the last 4 days in beautiful santa rosa riding with the team and sponsors and was treated to copious amounts of sun and hills. It was great to finally meet the people who make this team go round and I can truthfully say that the Trek Red truck team and crew are some of the worlds happiest and nice people. Thanks to our beautiful cook Marcia, i was able to fill my belly 'till i thought i was going to pass out every night and thanks to Sven, I rode so hard i thought my legs would fall off (i hope these very feminine compression socks save every fibber in my leg before i race my first kremesse on the 9th).

We were also lucky enough to host all of our sponsors in our house last night for dinner. Dave, who was celebrating his 50th birthday, started our night with glass upon glass of wonderful napa valley wine. Marcia kept the food coming and before i knew what hit me, i couldn't move in fear that i would tip over from consuming too much food.

I just wanted to say that i am ecstatic about the upcoming season and i feel really lucky to be surrounded by such positive and great people. Reping some new blue kits and a fresh pink suntan overseas. Keep you posted on european adventures!


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