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Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone start a slow clap

I'm back from the dead ladies and gents! Its been a couple weeks ( possibly months) since my last post but better late then never i guess eh? Ill do my best to give you an up to date story about what I've been up to over the past couple months.

Firstly, after meeting the new team a month ago, I am overly excited about the upcoming season. For a sport that is full of peculiar personalities, I am more than pumped to be spending the next couple of months with these guys. Class act's all 'roud.

The season has started with a couple bumps but I'm sure I'm bound for some smooth sailing after this bout of great luck. I was caught up in a crash down in Walla Walla Washington which left me with a broken clavicle, collapsed lung and some pretty nice road hickeys on my hands, leg and face. The bike looked like it had been used as a hackie sack by a bunch of trolls and was considered a write off. It was a tough call but after a night of no sleep and great pain, I decided it would be best for me to make the journey home instead of follow the team to California. Mama and Papa bear were in they're prime taking care or they're injured boy for over a week.

Although its only been 3 weeks, I'm itching to start racing again. The shoulder is feeling much better and the lung is filled up and back in action. This week included a trip back to the island to watch the boys rip it up at "Race the Ridge" in Vancouver and settling back into my house in Vic. Both of my roommates, Nic and Rob, are off to california for the the tour of Cali which leaves me the house to myself. Well, me and fat cat toby. Praying for dry weather and some better bike luck...

I've got some tunes for you guys, you can download here. Let me know what you think! i think i might be getting better haha

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