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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Olla boys and girls!

I've been seriously slacking in the blog update department. Please pardon my laziness. We've been on the road for the last few days making our way from Santa Rosa to Victoria. The golden snitch was a gem and the tunes were bumping for 17 hours of coast driving. Who knew California to BC was such a long drive eh? The last 2 months have been absolutely awesome! AND not only do i feel legit im starting to look legit as i picked up all of my clothing and my new tt bike during a brief stop in Vancouver. Sugoi did an awesome job with the clothing and it looks great. I also picked up a goody bag full of bike candy which was a bonus.

The training in cali was unreal. The Santa Rosa roads are steep and slick and the traffic is minimal . We had a few extra rain days then needed but its all good. Racing starts next weekend in Oregon. Don't think i can describe with words how excited i am to test out the legs!!! Keep you updated with some race results...

Although i have no new pics, i do have a little mix. DL HERE

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